Synonyms and related words:
abomination, annihilation, atrocity, bad, befoulment, biological death, blight, blood, bloodletting, bloodshed, braining, cessation of life, clinical death, contagion, corruption, crossing the bar, crying evil, curtains, damage, dealing death, death, death knell, deathblow, debt of nature, decease, defilement, demise, departure, despoliation, destroyer, destruction, destruction of life, detriment, dispatch, dissolution, doom, dying, ebb of life, end, end of life, ending, eternal rest, euthanasia, evil, execution, exit, expiration, extermination, extinction, extinguishment, fate, final summons, finger of death, flow of blood, going, going off, gore, grave, grievance, hand of death, harm, havoc, hurt, ill, immolation, infection, injury, jaws of death, kill, killing, knell, lapidation, last debt, last muster, last rest, last roundup, last sleep, leaving life, loss of life, making an end, martyrdom, martyrization, mercy killing, mischief, outrage, parting, passing, passing away, passing over, perishing, poison, poisoning, pollution, quietus, release, rest, reward, ritual killing, ritual murder, ruin, ruination, sacrifice, sentence of death, shades of death, shadow of death, shooting, slaughter, slaying, sleep, somatic death, stoning, summons of death, taking of life, the worst, toxin, undoing, venom, vexation, virus, woe, wrong

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.


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